14. Living Proof & ONE

In Paris on April 4, 2011, Bill Gates, in partnership with ONE, launched Living Proof, a showcase of stories and statistics that are too often ignored - the incredible progress being achieved by some of the
world’s poorest people.

The Living Proof campaign is taking aim at both the head and the heart. It’s calling for a cold, hard look at what’s working well in the world of development. And it’s asking people to celebrate - and share - the stories of those who are achieving it.

The Living Proof identity, and our work with ONE, was created by Surface in association with PGA (Paul Gallagher Associates).

Living Proof identityLP logo applications



Identity design and examples of its application to a variety of media.

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Brochure design charting the progress and hardships faced by the women of Africa. Photographic reportage combined with powerful information graphics produced a striking publication that details the story in a direct and positive light.